Serve Chilled

FullSizeRender 2I have been remiss about posting.  Everyday is so full that I find I’m making choices between run or write, sleep or write, or visit with my housemates or write.  As is apparent, I’ve chosen the other options since my last post.  I’m happy to report that I have chilled out for the most part.  I was greatly helped by an essay in the New York Times  (May 1, 2016) by Gerald Marzorati about we people of a certain age taking on a new skill.  In the essay, he emphasized the importance of immersing yourself into something new where you can receive coaching and practice.  He reminded me that I will not be the best nor do I need to be.  I took a picture of his last paragraph to look at as a gentle reminder.  I highly suggest reading the essay.  Since then I have been able to bring a more positive attitude to the kitchen.  I’m ready to learn and I only sweat the onions not the small stuff. Essentially, I’ve sent my inner second grader on her way.  She can go off and enjoy the gardens albeit avoiding the geese.  Did I mention a couple angry geese chased me away from the pond?  I didn’t know I could sprint!

Yesterday I butchered a half a lamb and put it back together.  Very cool!  It was also very helpful to associate the process with the cuts.  We are definitely on information overload, but the doing helps immensely.  I love the time spent in the kitchen and the coaching is superb.  Unlike some of those awful reality cooking shows you see on television where the coaching style is to scream and belittle the apprentice-chefs, I have experienced nothing but kindness at Ballymaloe and it’s not because the chefs have loads of time on their hands.  These people are working hard yet maintain a friendly helpful demeanor.  Shout out to Florrie, Finola, Julia, Pat, Emer, and Sorcha whose tutelage I’ve experienced to this point.  IMG_1045 I promise to include more recipes soon but now I must be off.IMG_1042

Lamb Butchery

Lamb Butchery


3 thoughts on “Serve Chilled

  1. Hi! Love the blog, and love hearing about your passions and ruminations. It seems that you and Gerry are doing very well! best Daniel


  2. You are in full swing with your adventure. Awesome ! Sounds perfect. Looking forward to a recipe!
    On this end – winding down to summer vacation !


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